Izzie DeMarinis is a New York City based makeup artist specializing in. character design.  

When she was a young adult she became fascinated with theater, specifically hair, makeup, and costumes. This sparked the journey to become a certified hair and makeup artist. 


This journey began while she was attending George W. Hewlett High School, where she worked in her theater company. After three years of hard work she became the head of the hair, makeup, and costume department. This led her to the Makeup Designory (MUD). 

At the Makeup Designory (MUD), she received a certification in the Master’s program. Here she underwent intensive training and designed makeup for a series of beauty and fashion photoshoots and designed a range of characters. She has worked on several theater shows, halloween looks, and special effects makeup. 

She looks forward to improving her art and designing more special effects makeup. She continues to seek opportunities to enhance her craft and work in theater.